Fight for 25

End adult grooming.
Raise the age of consent for women* to 25.

* now including gays!

Adult grooming


Miriam was only 19

… when the artist John Rafman messaged her on Facebook and asked her a series of non-sexual questions. They never messaged again and he was on the other side of the world, but what could have happened?

Let’s make this predatory behavior illegal.

Liv was just 21

… when she agreed to meet the comedian Chris D’Elia at a bar. He asked her to come to his hotel room instead, but she decided against it.

Is that a decision a 21 year old should be allowed to make for herself?

Alex was 25 and unpublished

… when she had a relationship with a married man 12 years her senior. Later on, his wife joined in with the grooming by not being OK with the situation and getting mad at Alex!

Since Alex had not published a book, she was unable to give informed consent to sex.

Why raise the age to 25?

Political adult grooming

Political adult grooming

Far too many women are tricked into voting against our interests: supporting right-wing candidates who will deny women vital healthcare, or radical extreme leftists who want to give everyone healthcare.

Younger women are particularly vulnerable to political grooming, which is why we need to raise the voting age for women to 25.

Who has the time for the soap opera drama of a 27-year-old other than people in that same tumult? When I look at the endless emails detailing my dramas (My crush’s housemate’s girlfriend read his email! I hope my boyfriend proposes!) it exhausts me, and I am the person most inclined to indulge my dramas. There is nothing inherently interesting about it to a 36-year-old man."

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